Overcoming Racism: The Power of Truth Telling

“History is written through the eyes of the conqueror/colonizer/oppressor.” And so it is with the written history of the United States.

Overcoming Racism: The Power of Truth Telling is the theme of this year’s conference. The theme reflects the power and importance of truth telling as we work to become anti-racists and create anti-racist communities, systems and organizations. Truth telling can be done in many ways – through stories, the arts, protests, community organizing, staff development, community forums, curricula, etc. Truth telling includes highlighting the strengths, resiliency and contributions of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) individuals and communities, as well as their experiences throughout history told through their lenses. (Continue Reading...)

Conference Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the power of multiple stories and truths, and the consequences of living with and accepting false narratives.
  • Identify the shared costs of racism to both BIPOC and white communities, and understand how race has shaped/affected every aspect of our culture and history.
  • Know where and how to find a more holistic and inclusive history of the U.S., and be equipped with tools to engage in courageous dialogue about racial justice/equity and take action.
  • Learn how to challenge the narrative themselves and explore the possibility of creating a universal story of the US we can all embrace (current mythology is of white colonialism and exceptionality) – not false narratives.
  • Possess strategies, courage and ways to center both the stories, experience, power and influence to put BIPOC individuals in positions to challenge systems and operationalize racial equity.

Countdown to Conference

NOTE: We re-opened registration as we are not at capacity. However, we cannot guarantee meals for walk-ins or anyone registering this week, nor can we guarantee that you will be able to get into your desired workshop!